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In this rapidly growing technology oriented world, businesses have no choice but to maintain the pace with growing technology. Glitz Technology is all about helping you with enterprise level technological solutions. We are a reliable and reputed IT solution based and software Development Company with registered offices in India. We provide utility based enterprise level solutions in various technologies like Open Source, .net, PHP etc.

Glitz Technology also provides iphone and Android development programs. Experienced in the field for 10 years, we are a team of professionals and experts in the IT field. Apart from software development and finding technology based solutions we also provide Search engine optimization solutions.

SEO or search engine optimization is indispensable to internet marketing and thus to businesses that have an online presence or business to maintain. Search Engine giant Google is ever upgrading and changing its algorithm, so online businesses or individuals who wish to rank ahead in search engine results need reliable and reputable SEO services. Glitz Technology is here to provide quality and efficiency in SEO.

We have developed mobile apps, websites and various solutions for custom software in different areas ranging from hospitality, education, online retail, manufacturing, media and entertainment to lifestyle industry and more. we have been useful to many fortune 500 companies over the tenure of 10 years in the field.

However, even though Glitz technology has been associated with various giant companies, we still strive to provide the very best for small to large businesses. You will find that, we do not treat companies on size basis; our services are equally distributed and prioritized to all our clients.

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